I love speaking about me…

Today, true creativity and innovation make all the difference in a market stifled by mediocrity. To be a textile designer, means to create original, impactful patterns to visually enhance your products.

How to combine yellow saffron with blue indigo? How to create a collection of tropical dishes using only three colors? How to design the next wall paper ?
A free-lance designer, I create designs that are applied to textiles, tableware, stationary and any other printed items from home decor.

I work today with clients in France, USA, and Germany. To create innovative and impactful illustrations for my clients, it is important that I be familiar with their full product range as well as the dynamics of their respective markets.

I derive inspiration from everything around me. I am very active on Instagram and follow the blogs of other artists and designers.
Continually on the move, sensitive to the beat and rhythm of the evolving trends, regularly attending international decoration fairs, I am able to keep a discerning eye.

I regularly attend the major international Design and Home Decoration shows, including Maison et Objets Paris, Heimtex and Ambiente in Frankfurt and International Home and Houseware in Chicago.

My perspective is very much global. Today more than 50% of my sales are derived internationally, particularly with clients in the USA and Germany. My professional life is shared between France and the USA where I have an office (Miami).
I work primarily with Illustrator and textile designer. All of my designs are vectored and hence convertible and editable at will with no quality compromise.
I am a textile designer and I love my job. I am passionate about creating designs, meeting clients, evolving in a world of creativity and, above all, working in the field of decoration.

I love to circumvent constraints imposed by the status quo. I work to raise the level of my performance every day. I derive pleasure from all of these facets of my work. This pleasure, that I hope one feels when looking at my work, is, more than anything else, the secret to the success of my designs.


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