Tableware designs

I create exclusive tableware designs for dishware makers who seek high quality, stylish prints.
One of the principal roles of a textile designer is the creation of unique tableware designs and patterns. My role as a textile designer is to create custom-made patterns and prints for each client.

Glassware and Mug Designs

My designs for glassware and mugs are slightly different than the patterns created for other dishware. The patterns and motifs I create for glassware and mugs are more colorful, lively and fun, and the printed surface area is smaller. The most important aspect of glassware and mug design is to create designs that immediately capture the eye.
My glassware and mug designs often have floral motifs, are lively and often feature puns written with hand-drawn lettering.

Hand-drawn lettering is an efficient and unrestrictive technique to help convey a message. In addition, the text can add a poetic or funny dimension to the design. Hand-drawn lettering is very popular in glassware and tableware design.
Over the years I have become specialized in the design and creation of colorful decorative pieces intended for the young adult market. My illustrations, decorations, drawings and textile designs are made for accessories, bathrooms, home decor, stationery and tableware. My clients describe my products as ethnic, and charming; my designs can be included in kitchen, garden, travel and young adult lines. As a textile designer, my profession allows me to truly understand and analyze current trends.

Before beginning my designs, I check out various trend books and I attend international home decor and tableware shows. The trend books are adapted to each field; they are a great way to stay up-to-date with trends and stick to the target market.
Once I have designed the motifs, I place them on a dishware mock-up. In this way, the flat design transforms visually into a plate, a glass, or a dish, which allows me to see the final effect of my design on the product.
When creating, I take into consideration the ambiance, colors, and materials in order to produce original and exclusive designs. Each season allows me to create new tableware, glassware, home decor and decorative accessory collections.

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