Exclusive designs and illustrations
for wall decor and wall print.

My role as an illustrator is to create unique pieces that are custom made for each client.
I seek inspiration for my designs from the client’s vision as well as from market research and trend books in the design industry. This enables me to create a collection of designs that is coherent and complimentary. Over time my client gains visual recognition, which helps to enhance their brand.

I consult trend forecasts that are tailored to the fields of fashion and design.

Once the designs have been created I do a mock-up. Flat (2D) patterns thus become 3D objects such as a frame, a poster or a wall-print. Mock-ups allow me to see the final effect of my textile design and allow the client to get a clear picture of the final product.

Pattern creation and textile design:

For wall decor, the designs I create follow market trends that I learn about at different design shows as well as from trend books.
The amount of color used does not define the printing quality, however, the more color that is used, the more subtlety and delicacy may be found in the final textile design.